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Merry Xmas .... By The Toker on Dec 25, 2004
Merry Xmas from everyone at Retro Remakes :)

How fast are your balls? By STompy on Dec 24, 2004
Well there you go, one minute I'm wishing Mezkal a merry Christmas and the next hes talking about his remix of Nation12's take on Brutal Deluxe!

What does this mean though? Well, apparently there is a Halflife 2 mod in the pipeline, a remake of the one and only Speedball 2 which they are naming sourceball.

Check out the gallery and touch yourself. I am most definately looking forward to this and would love to help beta test it, Christmas present for STomps k ;)

Quick quick By hitm4n on Dec 24, 2004
Just a quick one before i get back to the festive preperations... TCK has released v1.1 of Transversion EX. Theres a few bug fixes and tweaks and should be final now. I think the hiscore submitting may have changed slightly so you will HAVE to get it if you wanna upload scores. Please note, Caffs got a paypal button on his frontpage. Any amount would help him buy BlitzMax and make us plenty more lovely remakes. Merry Xmas.

Xmas Sackfull By hitm4n on Dec 23, 2004

Some of the chaps in our forum have been writing some quickie xmas games. Check out this thread for things like "Siege on Santa's Fortress", "Toobmas", "Potty Xmas" and "Santa Invaders". Thanks to Havard for reminding me about all these.

Danjo from ACoders has recently released his first 3D game entitled "Another Fine Mess you got me into Randolph Doogleberry 2". Its a puzzle game kinda like Sensitive and looks very nice indeed.

The guys on RazorGames have released a remake of a game called Ugh!. They tell me its a remake of a dos game of the same name where you fly your bamboo taxi around picking up and delivering cavemen to their destinations. So basically its a neanderthal Space Taxi. It does look very nice though, so be sure to take a look. Thanks to Konstanty Kalicki for the info.

Just thought i'd let you know that this months Retro Gamer magazine has a small section devoted to the Retro Remakes competition (detailing the top 3 games) and a rather large section devoted to the original Trashman game and TCK's Trashman Anniversary. Theres a large interview with the Caffster too, and overall its a great issue. BUY IT NOW. Thanks Ian P for reminding me ;-)

From the team that brought you the PC version of Mercenary (MDDClone) now comes a very playable beta version of Damocles (the hit Atari ST / Amiga game from Novagen that broke new ground at the time of its release in the early '90s) Its freely downloadable so all you need to do is check it out at the Mercenary site.

Ronny (Ron) Nordqvist let me know that he's just released a new version of his Comic Bakery remake, just in time for Christmas. This was released in our Retro Remakes compo and i rather liked it so i'll be off now to check it out.

One last thing. This is most probably my last news post before new years, so everyone try to have a great xmas, don't let the mother in law wind you up too much, and remember, the toys your kids get are "For The Kids", not you K!

Ruff N Tumble By hitm4n on Dec 21, 2004
Shezzor is currently remaking my favourite blaster platformer collectemup from the Amiga and he's doing a corking job of it. This thread now holds a fully playable test version of level 2 and you definately don't wanna miss this. Its all in there so get this puppy downloaded. Never played RNT ? Well, grab this beauty anyway. It ROCKS.

Oooh, 2 days running ! By hitm4n on Dec 19, 2004

Oooooh. Look. A Dungeon Master remake for Pocket PC which looks quite complete and seems to be on a rather nice and large PPC site awaiting your perusal. Check out the details here and have a shufty around. I bet you can find loads of neat little games here. Thanks to James Powell for this link.

There's a new 3D paradroid remake featured in the flipcode IOTD. (thats "image Of The Day" folks) Problem is, it was ages ago now, but i managed to find it. Well, heres the page for ya. It looks pretty cool so far but seems to be written in some java thingy i never heard of and its playable online too but requires a plugin download i think. I was too scared. At least see the pics and see if you wanna check the demo out. Thanks to Richard Phipps for this news.

Heres a rather precise email from Tomber. "I released a Spore remake today, its available from" Thanks Tomber ;-)

Minion sent this news in to me - i'll let him know that the news we want should be current and NOT about pong !!! "1972 - PONG is released to the public and is a huge success" sigh /me shrugs.

Well, that just about brings me back up to date. You see, even after such a gap i didn't have masses to post. If YOU have any news that should be here be sure to email it in to me. If i've missed some news that you already sent, please send again. Tata.

Hurrah - NEWS !! By hitm4n on Dec 18, 2004

I can only apologise for the delay. Its all his fault... Yes, him sat over there.

First up is a new but old Lords Of Midnight remake. I can't tell you anything about it other than it looks pretty neat. Fans should check it out.

"Does your site lists mods for Beats of Rage?" Hmmm, good question. "I am in the process of making a remake of Target Renegade, all the versions listed on your site seem to have not made it past the screenshot stage so I decided to make my own." Hell, now i'm interested !! The mod can be found here along with screenshots. 4 playable levels so far but plenty of bugs and bits missing. Check on the progress! Many thanks to Pete Naylor for this news.

Jeroen Groenendaal contacted me to announce a url change and a jump back into coding after a rather long time away. Heres what he had to say. "Thank you for placing/linking my online games quite some time ago. After a year and something being disabled to continue working on online games/remakes I am trying to restart making games again. My temporary new adress is I have made conversions like Astrosmash, Monsters, Commander Clean and Skirmsh. My next release will be Commander Clean 2 and the game will be bigger and hopefully beter than my previous titles. After that, I am trying to make a few new titles. First up will be a Scramble/RockerRaider clone. Somewhere in the beginning of 2005 the name GEKStudio will be changed to FlatPlanet and hopefully I can find a good musican for my new titles, too!" Take a peek.

John Dow always keeps me informed and this is his last email. "Technically, yes the Mac OS X port of JSW is around, but it's not quite a finished version - I need to do a little bit of app bundling before its quite there. On a cheerier note, I'll be doing that at the weekend - not only for JSW but also for Manic Miner and Lunar Jetman. With those done and dusted, I'll be focussing a little more on Dynamite Dan (which is clipping along at a reasonable pace, thankyou very much). As ever, updates are on" You can keep track of his progress on Dynamite Dan now ;-)

IBM286 sent me all these links a while ago. Many thanks. They are all japanese sites, but you know these japs make some great games.

I'm afraid i couldn't find any pics for this one, but he tells me its a Wizardry remake. End of Destiny can be downloaded here.

This one is a Mystery House remake called Mystic House. Looks cool enough. But is the game in japanese ?

Finally, this one is an online vector based Lunar Lander game. And its bloody hard. Plays nicely tho !

And now its time to tell those of you that don't yet know it, that Smilas done and dusted another superb Retro Remakes Competition Issue magazine. It includes the usual insane stuff, all the compo results and reviews, ads, tips, maps and more. Its great.

I'm sure it says Asshole By hitm4n on Dec 6, 2004
TCK aka TheCaffieneKid aka Caff aka (one of) Compo Winner has stayed up till the wee hours this morning and completed his current project. Transversion is alive but he says he is not. Oh well, so long as the games out eh ! LOL. Wether you loved this game or not you must grab this one. Its addictive as hell, theres online scores for furious competition, and its sweet as a nut. And no matter what OddBob says i reckon it says "asshole" when you die. Great job Caff...

Bumper Pack By hitm4n on Dec 4, 2004
Some nice Ah Diddums news and piccies can now be seen on the Cabisoft site. I've been watching this one closely and it could be nearing release. Sounds like theres not much left to do now bar all the levels, and some fixes, and maybe some more graphics and sounds and menus etc. lol. Hmmm, maybe a while longer yet then.

Well, what did she do next ? She only added some more news and piccies about her Ant Attack 3D remake. What a corker this ones gonna be. Keep it up Modesty.

DeviantChild found this rather tasty looking Wing Commander Prophecy style remake for me last night and as i'm a WC fan i had to list it. Its entitled Flight Commander and well worth taking a look at. I'll be checking this out myself after posting this news.

IBM286 found this remake for me too and even though its a 39mb download you should definately check it out if you're a shooter fan. (thats shooter not hooter) Xeno Fighters Advanced Extreme Plus Plus Bonus SE Mania With Extra Twiddles awaits you. Oh, its a Raiden Fighters remake btw.

A game already listed here has seen an update or 2. Thanks to the author for letting me know. Cannon Conflict now includes a network game, better graphics and gameplay and i'm sure plenty of bug fixes. Take a peek.

Not too sure about this one as i haven't tried it yet, but it does look very much like a Scuba Dive remake. Maybe someone could let me know.

Ian Price has let us know about this in our forum and someone sent me the Xmas Lemmings Div Arena link too. I hope he gets finished in time. Everyone loves nuking lemmings!

Galshell is another one of those Japanese shooters where theres 678 billion bullets to dodge. But, if you just take a look here you'll see that theres boobies in the graphics. Worth downloading for that alone eh! Boobage!!

Roland K of BB Software has recently reminded me about his Big Mac remake. Check out the wip section to see the latest news (and download) and wander round the site a bit too as theres loads of great stuff there.

Super Cobra. Could be good, could be bad. You decide. Thanks Caff.

more soon

WOO HOO! By STompy on Nov 30, 2004
We made it, we actually made it! Well done to all the judges for managing to complete the long task of reviewing 70 odd games and many, many thanks to the entrants and sponsers.

Ooooooooh Wait a minute, whats this over on the right? Blimey, not seen that HTML before... Aha! Its the new Competition 2004 linkage isn't it, brillant! I'm sure you will all be wanting to check those bad boys out now, especially if you were an entrant and are keen to see if you won a prize.

Before I sign off I would like to leave you with this final thought, "If a remaker could chuck remakes how many remakes could he chuck?"

Midnight deadline ... By The Toker on Nov 30, 2004

We're just under 14 hours away from announcing the results of this year's Retro Remake Competition. All the reviews are in and done, the webpages are ticking along and will be finished, and most of the major prize winners are already known to the judges.

There are gonna be some surprised people let me tell you !

Why not join us on IRC tonight as the results go live so you can say why you didn't deserve to come 37th, and in fact should have won top prize.

Midnight (BST or GMT, you choose). Be there or be square.

Reviews day is almost here By hitm4n on Nov 24, 2004
Sorry to Geekay for being a bit slow, but a few days ago he released his new Brainstorm remake. I played an early demo of this and its most definately a brainstorming game. Fries your mind it does !! Check it out.

Asteroid Storm 3D. Is it good ? I dunno ! Looks nice though. Could be good. Do you even like Asteroids ? Not yet played the other 600 versions ? Well then, give this one a try !

Flynn found this one for me (thanky muchly). While perusing the spanish remakes site, he uncovered this thread showcasing a new Bruce Lee remake. Neat.

Wings Of Fury has just hit v0.70. Its shaping up very nicely too so head on over and grab this pup...

more very soon.

Come to Daddy .... By The Toker on Nov 23, 2004

After 3 years of tracking it, and numerous attempts at contacting the previous owner via web and snailmail, I have finally gotten hold of

Oh and whilst I was at it I also grabbed the to stop any CD sellers getting there grubby mits on it.

Best 30 quid I spent this year :)

Quick news burst ... By The Toker on Nov 19, 2004

9572AD emailed me to say a rather nice remake of Ladybug (his all time favorite Pac-Man rip-off) can be grabbed at Puzzle House, the same authors as Jumpin' Jackson, one of our competition entries.

Mark Stacy has released his version of the Atari 2600 classic Raiders of the Lost Ark with optional mp3 addon packs, weighing in at 6, 12 and 29mb respectively, in Low, High and CD quality versions.

Raid on Bungeling Bay has been released by Jason Brown. Fly your heavily armed chopper around, bombing factories before returning to the safety of your aircraft carrier. Sounds a bit like what's been going on in Iraq for the last 18 months !

Nick James, author of Perils of Willy and BC's Quest for Tires has moved to a new website. Looks like there are a few more things to take a gander at while you are there.

Bas de Reuver has pointed out that Wings of Fury, a remake of the Amiga classic, has been released by Byte the Bullet.

Finally versions of Circus Atari, Pong and Matchit for Mac OS 9 and OS X can be found at Macyunsoft. Thanks to Kemal for the info.

Various ... By The Toker on Nov 13, 2004

Ian Leigh emailed me to tell me the Mac OSX port of Andy Noble's Jet Set Willy is available. It's a direct port of the recent Win32 release.

Oddbob0 has also told me about Torus Trooper, an Open GL speedy thru a tunnel type game, shooting things and beating bosses and in Bob's words "errr ... it rocks :)".

A great website also got mentioned by Player One on IRC last night, its not exactly remake related, but it made me laugh. Check out the results of swearing in Speccy text adventures.

As well as the website we have a very active forum and IRC channel where news, ideas and new remakes are planned and previewed. So come in, pull up a seat and join in the fun .....


Well here they are, the results of the 2004 Retro Remakes Competition. All 73 games reviewed, ranked and 4000+ of prizes awarded. Some surprise results we are sure you will agree. Congratulations to all of the winners and to those that didn't win, better luck next time - if there is one !

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